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Who is this resource for?

Stories from Experience has been designed in collaboration with experts and people with lived experience.

This resource may be useful for:


Is this a self-help resource?

No, this not a self-help resource. Stories from Experience was developed as an outcome of research showing that people who are recovering or have recovered from an eating disorder often wish to write their story for personal reasons or to share with others. This is a learning resource that provides a safe space to guide users in crafting their stories for different purposes.

If you are planning to use this resource, we strongly suggest that you talk to your health professional or another support person before you start to use the resource and check in with them regularly to let them know how you are going.

If you experience distress or eating disorder thoughts, stop using the resource and contact your support person or the helplines provided in ‘Need Help’.

To learn more about how to use this tool, visit the How section.


How long will someone be able to see my timeline for?

When sharing your timeline with someone, you should think carefully about whether you feel comfortable opening up to this person. Once you have clicked share timeline, an email will be sent to the person with a link and one-off password to gain access. 48 hours access is granted from the moment the link is activated.


What if I share my timeline but then decide I don’t want to?

If you change your mind about sharing your timeline, you can revoke this. In settings, under ‘My Shares’ you can view past and recent shares. If a share is ‘active’ or ‘pending’ it can be revoked. However, do keep in mind if a share is active, the person may have already seen the content but after revoking they will no longer be able to.


I only want to share one post on my timeline, how do I do this?

You do not have to share your whole timeline with someone. To share one post on your timeline, just scroll down to this post and click the share button.


What if my access to the internet is limited and I want a printable version of the modules?

At the beginning of each module there is a ‘print’ option. Clicking this will generate a printable version that you can print to read content and complete activities in hard copy. The print function was embedded into Stories from Experience as a recommendation from people who have limited internet access.


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